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This class was really an experience. I felt like I never did art in my free time. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I could never get started, never felt satisfied with what came out. But taking senior studio let me have the same freedom while also giving me the specific time to do it. For me, I’ve always been better at getting things done if I’m given a specific time to work as opposed to doing it on my own time. The fact that I could do whatever I wanted in the class but still had to be working during class really helped, and I found myself working on things I probably would never have done otherwise.

I’m hoping that after this class I’ll somehow be able to get myself to do more art in my free time, and not rely on classes to motivate me. I feel like I’ve thought of so many new ideas during this class, and hopefully I’ll actually get myself to try them.

Art & Fear


In the reading it talked about the common thought of “I don’t have enough talent”. Out of all the themes in the reading, that’s definitely the one I identified with the most. I often find myself thinking that I’m not good enough to talented enough and because of that, I shouldn’t even be trying. It was actually comforting to read that I’m far from the only one feeling this way, and that it doesn’t really matter. Because talent isn’t the only thing that matters, it’s also what you do with that talent and if you’re actually working on improving and practicing.  

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Paintings by Agnes Toth.

A picture speaks a thousand words; her paintings, I can assure you, need no description. Boom.

Check out more of her memorizing paintings at!

Moon Cutting Board at Fine Little Day

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Paintings by Simon Birch


 Collage by Emma Dajska

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